Bespoke Events

With a decade of experience in Supercar and Motor Sports Events we are renowned for creating spectacular once in a life time driving events and experiences.

From London to Beijing we have produced events, stunts and even large scale mass events and even events for private purposes.

If you are looking for a spectacular event, look no further as our team can create something unique for you and your brand.

Bespoke Winter Events

Finding a new and inspiring location for hosting product launches or PR and media events is challenging. We have the perfect, one of a kind location - the world's only ice driving circuit that is built on the frozen sea ice. We know the Arctic like our own pockets and this is why we can create out of snow and ice fantastic one of a kind events and productions to benefit your marketing and branding purposes.

Snow is a media friendly environment and combined with winter action such as Supercar Ice Driving it is guaranteed to grab global media attention.

You can also hire our ice driving circuits for your own use. Filming winter commercials, automotive testing or private events can all be organized on our ice circuits.

Contact us for ideas and quotations for a turn key production based in Lapland, Finland. Events are possible from December to April.


We can bring Lapland to you!

Contact us for ideas and quotations for Ice & Snow productions, produced at any global destination.


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Bespoke Summer Events

We have a vast experience in producing and running large motoring events as turn key productions.

These event productions take from 6-18 months to produce and complete. Our services include everything as a one stop shop from idea and event planning and signing the performers and stars to negotiating local permissions and permits. We also produce marketing images and help organize TV production.

Your benefit in working with D1 Ultimate-GT is our personal contacts to motor sport stars and legends of F1, WRC and Moto-GP.

Contact us for ideas and quotations for your turn key production.

Create your own festival!

Events can be created in various exciting locations such as city centers, airports or National Stadiums. 

Ask us about Bespoke Summer Events

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