Arctic Experience

The Bay of Bothnia is one of the last remaining places on earth where the sea is still frozen during winter. You will experience something very special on the frozen sea ice!

Arctic Experience will challenge you to the way of life in Arctic Finland. Activities take place on the wast frozen Bay of Bothnia sea that you will also get to admire from the warmth of your Sea Side Luxury Villa. This is the only location on earth where you can drive a high performance car on sea ice!


Arctic Experience

On your first day of action we show you the secrets of ice driving and drifting with powerful cars on the sea ice. Driving a Lamborghini or full electric Tesla on ice will be your first challenge. Your instructors are the best rally drivers in the world - professional Finnish rally drivers.

On your second day of action we take you for voyage onboard the Sampo icebreaker a ship built to crush the sea ice, keeping vital shipping lines to the North open during winter. After crushing the sea ice your next challenge will be to float in the sub zero sea water. Crazy but a true once in a life time experience for any one!

Tailored Itinerary includes:

  • Full day ice driving with powerful cars
  • Sampo Icebreaker experience
  • Arctic sea floating experience
  • Dining experience in the Kemi Snowcastle


  • City of Kemi, Lapland, Finland

Groups Size:

  • 2-8 people


  • 2 x nights in a private sea side luxury villa
  • 1 x night in the Snowcastle


February and March


  • 4 day exclusive event
  • One full day ice driving with powerful cars
  • Private use of ice circuits
  • One-to-one driver training
  • Famous Finnish rally drivers as instructors
  • Sampo Icebreaker experience
  • Arctic sea floating experience
  • Private sea side luxury villa accommodation
  • One night in the Snowcastle
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Lunch at the circuits and brunch during Sampo icebreaker
  • Dinner experience in Kemi Snowcastle
  • Airport and all local transfer services in Kemi
  • Refreshments all day at circuit
  • No fuel charges for training cars
  • Safety equipment for drivers
  • Professionally run event with professional staff
  • Event certificate

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